Safety Plan

Have a Safety Plan

You have a right to be safe!


No one deserves to be hit or threatened. If you are being hurt by someone you love, make plans and take precautions to keep yourself and your children  safe. Here are some suggestions that have helped other people in situations like yours.

 Safety during an explosive incident

A. If there is an argument, try to be in a place that has an exit and not in a bathroom, kitchen or  room that may contain weapons.

B. Practice getting out of your home safely. Identify which doors, windows, elevator, or stairwell to use.

C. Pack a bag, and have it ready at a friend’s or relative’s house.

D. Identify one or more neighbors you can tell about the violence, and ask them to call the police if they hear a disturbance coming from your home.

E. Devise a code word to use with your children, family, friends and neighbors when you need the police.

F. Decide and plan where you will go if you ever have to leave home.

G. Use your instincts and judgment. In some dangerous situations, give the abuser what he wants to calm him down.


Remember, you don’t deserve to be hit or threatened!


Safety in your own residence

A. If you stay in your home, lock your windows and change the locks on your doors as soon as possible.

B. Develop a safety plan with your children for times when you are not with them.

C. Inform your children’s school, day care, etc., about who has permission to pick up your children.

D. Inform neighbors and the landlord that your partner no longer lives with you, and that they should call the police if they see him/her near your home.

E. Never tell the abuser where you live. Never call the abuser from your home because the abuser may find out where you live.

F. Request an unlisted/unpublished number from the telephone company.


Safety on the job and in public

A. Inform someone at work of your situation. Include the security officers at work and provide them with a picture of your batterer.

B. Have someone screen your telephone calls at work.

C. Have someone escort you to and from your car, bus or train.

 D. Use a variety of routes to come and go from home, work or school.