Outreach Services

Victim Services provides outreach services to victims of domestic violence in Cullman. In addition, we provide direct assistance to victims of sexual assault in Cullman, Marshall, and Winston Counties. Outreach services includes legal advocacy, case management, supportive counseling, and education and training in the VSOC service area.

Our outreach services also includes Special Assessment Intervention Liaison who work with the Department of Human Resources personnel to identify and provide specialized services to domestic violence victims within the DHR system. Our County Coordinators can be reached at the following phone numbers:

Cullman County Residents   256-775-2600
Marshall County Residents  256-734-6100
Winston County Residents   256-775-6100

In Marshall & Winston Counties, we have dedicated staff to provide a host of services to victims of sexual assault. Trained professional are available to provide crisis response to rape victims, including hospital accompaniment, counseling, support group and advocacy with medical and law enforcement personnel.